How Much Does Solar Cost?

Are solar panels worth it? In 2016, solar panel prices in Virginia are lower than they have ever been, and homeowners can still earn a 30% tax credit on their solar project. Investing in solar also allows the homeowner to hedge their bets against the rising costs of fossil-fuel energy sources. By installing solar panels on your roof you can insulate yourself from changing energy prices. While solar systems are not “cheap” by many standards, the reality is that neither are our electricity bills.

Since solar panels are intended to provide power for 30+ years, they provide a clean and affordable source of electricity over time. In Virginia, many homeowners see a return on their investment within 10 years, and will continue to save money for decades to come.

The cost of an “average” solar project for a home in Virginia ranges between $10,000 – $20,000 in in upfront costs, although you should get 30% back on your taxes the same year.

Solar panels also help mitigate heating & cooling costs of your home, simply by insulating your roof and dissipating the heat before it reaches your home.

Are solar panels worth it?

A standard lifetime payback graph for residential solar projects in Virginia.

A standard lifetime payback graph for residential solar projects in Virginia.

Solar panels have no moving parts, and are engineered to produce clean energy for 30+ years. While the upfront costs can appear high, the lifetime savings are impressive.

In the example on the right, the initial project cost was $15,000, and over the lifetime of the system it will save the homeowners nearly $45,000. These savings are mainly from the bills you would be paying the utility company. Instead, you get to enjoy clean energy that has no fuel costs.

While not every home is the same, if your house gets lots of sun on the roof, solar could be a great option. If your roof is shaded, the return on investment can be affected. In order to make sure each solar system performs exceptionally, we conduct free solar assessments. This ensures an accurate proposal, financial projection, and a system sized just for you.



Is solar right for you?

We’ll give you a free solar assessment and let you know if your roof is right for solar. If it is, we’ll give you a proposal showing you what you’ll save, and how much it’ll cost.