What if I sell my solar home?

Solar panels installed on home in VirginiaThis is a question that has come up a lot recently. A lot of potential clients are worried that they can’t commit to staying in the same place for the entire payback-period. For paybacks that can be upwards of 10-years, predicting the future is very hard.

The good news is that even if you sell your home, your investment is safe in solar. A recent study by the Department of Energy and the SunShot Initiative showed that solar homes recouped up to 100% in the sale price. This further confirms what older studies based in California had indicated. In both reports, homes with solar sold for more than comparable homes without it.

For some homeowners, the higher premium of the sale price meant an even higher return for the homeowner, as they already had years of electric savings as well as the 30% tax credit. Most homes that sold with solar earned $2-3/ watt for their solar array. With current pricing hovering around $3/ watt, your investment is safe on your roof. So relax, and enjoy the savings!

The full study can be found here.

Is solar right for you?

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