Residential Solar Panel Installation


Make your home your dream home

Whether you want a net-zero home or backup power for your family, we’ll design the perfect solar panel system just for you. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the most out of the financial incentives, a low install cost, and the best system for your dollar.

As consumers, we tend to buy things we use the most. Those who drive to work will invest in a car, and people who use tools will invest in the proper equipment. So what about energy? Our homes consume energy, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Solar panels allow you to invest in your own source of energy, instead of paying electric bills with no end in sight.



Each solar installation will:

  • Lower your electric bills
  • Produce clean energy for your home
  • Come with a 25-year module warranty, and 10-year labor guarantee.
  • Earn you a 30% tax credit
  • Allow you to monitor the system from your phone or computer
  • Allow the addition of batteries (if requested)


Benefits of residential solar installations:

Solar panels installed in VirginiaInvesting in solar gives you the opportunity to lower your electric bill and secure your energy needs now and for the future. While most residential systems will pay for themselves in 10 – 12 years, these solar systems are designed to save you and your family money for 25-40 years. That means that your solar system will return 2-4 times the cost of investment over the life of the system. Homeowners in Virginia have strong financing options as well, as the UVA Community Credit Union offers low-interest loans designed for energy efficiency & renewable energy systems. Many homeowners can finance their solar system so that their bills are lower from day one.

In addition to all that, the environmental benefits of solar energy are substantial. According to NREL studies, an average net-zero home (a home that produces as much energy as it uses) will offset the energy of driving 4 cars, for 28 years. And that’s in addition to offsetting all the energy used in manufacturing the panels themselves (PV FAQs, In other words, an average residential system offsets more CO2 than 200 trees each year.

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Getting solar is a simple process. Just get in touch with us and we’ll give you a free assessment. Then we’ll design and install it, hassle-free. Talk to us today to get things rolling.