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We make going solar easy, and skip the hard-sell. Going solar should be a positive experience, from sales to installation, to a few decades of savings. We make expert recommendations on what equipment would work best for your goals, from storage to savings. Our team has been installing solar in Virginia since 2012, and want to help you make the switch to solar!

Our services

Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar installations can save you money, increase your home’s value, and offset your home’s energy bills. Roof-mounted solar is the most affordable option, and ideal for customers with sunny roofs.

Solar + Storage
(battery backup)

Want to have power when the grid goes out? We can install a solar + storage system that seamlessly takes over when the grid goes down, ensuring that your critical loads stay powered.

Solar with Sunlight Backup

Think solar should power your home when the grid goes down, without any batteries? Now you can! Enphase’s Sunlight Backup feature provides backup power straight from the solar array to the home, without the use of batteries.

Residential Solar

You own your home; now it’s time to own your electricity. We specialize in residential solar installations. Whether your goal is to save money or get backup power, we can work with you to design the perfect system for your home.

Ground-mounted Solar

Have a shady roof, but a wide-open field or yard? Ground-mounted solar may be the best option. Ground-mounts perform exceptionally well, and are often the preferred option for farms & business.

Solar for Small Business

Small businesses are eligible for the strongest solar incentives. If you own a small business, solar can offer an aggressive ROI while lowering overhead costs, due to local tax incentives, grant opportunities, and lower cost of installation.

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What our customers say

"We were extremely happy working with Virtue Solar. I started planning with them in early 2020. I lost some steam once the pandemic started, but finally we closed the deal. I looked at several solar providers but chose Virtue because they we low pressure, responsive, honest and local."
Warrenton, VA
"I recommend Virtue, without reservation, as the best of all the local solar companies I've dealt with, by far. Virtue's Matt Powers has the technical expertise to do custom work, and he has attracted a crew that makes installing the normal grid-tied system look not just easy, but fun."
Solar on barn
Rockingham, VA
"This company is professional start to finish. We found them knowledgeable, honest, enjoyable and we didn’t have to clean up one thing at end of each day. They made this new experience easy as they took care of every detail."
Solar panels in VA
Orange, VA
"I'm generally hard to impress. Virtue Solar exceeded my expectations every step of the way. If you live anywhere near Central Virginia, I'll be very surprised if you can find another Solar Installer as good as Matt Powers, Peter Malander, Deven Barkley, and the entire team."
Solar array
Charlottesville, VA