Solar Storage Systems & Battery Backup

We offer backup solutions so your home stays powered, even when the grid goes down.

Most solar systems shut off when the grid goes down. Yours doesn't have to.

We offer turn-key backup power solutions, from Enphase Energy. Our backup solutions automatically transfer power when the grid goes out, in a matter of milliseconds.

We offer robust battery options, as well as the cutting-edge Sunlight Backup
solution, which allows your home to use power straight from the solar system, without the need for batteries.

Benefits of Battery Backup

Enphase Solar Storage system for battery backup


Can I power my whole home with batteries?

Yes and no. While we can provide power to your entire existing 200A main panel during an outage, you must minimize your usage habits during a grid-outage, or the batteries may be drained very quickly. Some loads may not be able to run at all, like heat-pumps or electric-car chargers. We usually recommend removing any heavy loads from the backed-up panel.

What is Sunlight Backup?

Sunlight Backup is an alternative to a battery-backup system, and was released by Enphase in 2022. Sunlight backup allows us to create a critical loads, or “backup panel” of your most important circuits, and power them directly by the solar. How much power is available, and what you can run is dependent on the size of your solar system, and the available sunlight. This is a more affordable backup option, and has the benefit of very low maintenance (no batteries to replace, etc.). The downside is that you do not get backup energy at night, and need to adjust your usage habits to when solar is available.

Should I get a generator instead?

Generators are a cheaper alternative to battery-backup, that can provide a lot of power for a relatively short period of time, while solar + storage is good at providing a smaller amount of energy over an extended period of time. If you are interested in protecting your energy for extended outages, Batteries or Sunlight Backup are both great options.

How long do batteries last?

We use the Enphase IQ Battery 10, which has a 10-year warranty, and is made from the safer lithium iron phosphate (LFP) construction which is less volatile, and guarantees more cycles than traditional chemistries.

I have existing solar, can I add batteries?

In most cases, you can add batteries to older systems, but it can be complicated. We only work with Enphase battery systems, so if you have an old Enphase system and are interested in batteries, we can help make that happen. If you have a Fronius, SMA, or SolarEdge system, we would need to refer you to another vendor.

Do you offer off-grid solutions?

We do not offer off-grid products or designs. All of our battery-backup and Sunlight Backup systems are designed to work in conjunction with the grid, and provide temporary power during the days that the grid is down.

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